Final Deck Photos

Here’s some pics of the deck all finished banister and all…

 Deck Photo 1
Final Deck Photo 1

Deck Photo 2 
Deck Photo 2

Railing Detail - 1 Deck Railing Detailing Deck Railing - #3
Deck Railing # 1     Deck Railing #2       Deck Railing – #3

Newel Post Detail  Newel Post Detail

2 Responses to “Final Deck Photos”

  • I was just looking for deck railing ideas and I absolutley love the new railings on your deck. I would love to put them on our new deck, but I just have a quick question. I didn’t notice any screws on the spindles, and am just wondering how the spidles are secured to the double top and bottom plate? I’d love to hear back from you!

  • Hi Jacknl, Thanks for visiting the casa!

    The spindles are actually attached to the plates using multiple finishing small nails on each side. These were counter sunk and then we put filler over them and applied the sealer / stain coat. This made them disappear.

    The top and bottom plates are then double screwed on the inside to the posts. This gives a very clean finish. This gave the deck a great look – the carpenter I hired to do the work is a true artist in my opinion.

    He took my designs and requests and implemented them well.

    My only complaint about the deck is that we have some screws on the top hand rail that we didn’t putty over. We didn’t do this because at the time I knew I wanted to run some low voltage lighting and have the cable hidden under the cap. I’ll update the most recent post with a photo showing the installed lighting on the deck.

    Thanks again,


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