2009 Vegetable Garden – planted and growing

So Salli, Chris and I pulled it together and planted the vege garden.  Earlier this spring we had planted some root veges in a new plot we created.

On top of creating a larger main vege patch, Chris removed the old raised bed box (termites had taken their toll) and we redistributed the dirt to the main patch.  This gave us a blank spot of earth.

List of what’s in the garden:

Root Patch (next to the garage in the back corner) – planted back in March.

  • Potatoes – red, white and russet
  • Onions – walla-walla sweets – two rows planted a different times to give maximum onion deliveries
  • Beets – standard red variety started from seed.
  • Pumpkins – Late planting of a row of three pumpkin varieties by seed – where the carrots should have been – thank you snails!

Pepper / Sunflower Patch (where the raised bed used to be) – starting from the front –

  • Peppers – 4 varieties over 9 plants.  Anahiem Chilli, Ancho, Jalepeno, and Cayenne.
  • Sunflowers: three short rows
    • Short – teddy bear (fave), and Autumn Glory
    • Tall – Kentucky Sunflowers
    • Giant – American Giant Sunflowers that grow up to 16 feet tall!
  • Pumpkin – 2 plants – planted these at the back to let the vines grow out.

Main Vegetable Patch – in order of planting row

  • Basil – 1 row (about 15 plants) did so well last year – let’s hope so this year.
  • Bell Peppers – 18 plants – green, red and yellow varieties in two rows
  • Egg Plants – 7 Japanese long, and three Italian
  • Okra – 6 plants –  hey I’m Southern – it’s not a garden without it and I need to make some more pickled okra – yum!
  • Squash patch – 3 yellow crookneck, 3 zuchini, 1 white zuchini, 1 butternut, 1 delicatese  To keep the squash contained, we’ve put up a fence of sorts between them and the tomatoes.  The okra will serve as a barrier on the other side.
  • Tomato Patch – 27 plants (plus 1 volunteer near the fence) over three duplex rows.  This year we’re doing something different with the tomatoes.  Instead of putting individual cages around each – was a mess last year) we’re putting in a fence for each duplex row.  We’ve got nine plants that are planted in a staggard fashion and the fence goes between them.  We’re going to train the plants up onto the fence.  This will give us a larger space to walk between the rows, and keep the plants on a sturdy support system. 
  • Green Beans –  2 duplex rows – For one row, I’m reusing the trellis I made last year for the cucumbers.  I’ll be making another for the other row.

On top of all this I have a couple of containers with stuff in it.  Some short Sun Flowers, and other herbs.

I’ll be posting some photos and a drawing of the plan in a bit.

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