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Earthquake Fixing – House Leveling

So we have to get some repairs done to the house thanks to the August 2014 Napa Earthquake (6.0).  The big one is a new roof.  the chimney in the back and in the Library wobbled so we have cracked tile all around those two.

Due to the fact that the tile is Cement and Asbestos material, we also have to have that abated prior to the new roof.

The other item that we’re going to have done is the removal of the back chimney and replacing it with a vent housing that will look just like the existing chimney.  This is where we’re going to run vents for the hot water heater (currently venting through the chimney) and the furnace.  This will allow us to eventually swap the hot water heater out for a new on-demand hot water heater- which means NEVER running out of hot water!  Yeah!

So before all that can happen, we need to get some issues dealt with regarding the foundation and house leveling.  During the earthquake the shaking was pretty violent, but luckily, the key parts of the foundation are good.  However, there’s still areas where the house is significantly out of level due to sinking that has been occurring over time.  Also there’s a section at the front of the house where some idiot cut a beam that runs across the front of the house.  SO, to fix the sagging up there, we have to get that fixed too….  SIGH…

Well, luckily we have a loan from the SBA as part of the FEMA actions after the earthquake.

Here’s pictures of the piers and such we need fixed to make the house level.  I’ve also posted a video of the area –