Monthly Archive for December, 2009

New Porch Glider

The Thanksgiving Holidays are over, and my parents were visiting us.  What a trip! 

I was able to take some time off for their visit.  Unfortunately Mama was as mobile as we had hoped some we had to curtail some of the outtings we planned.  One thing this did do was give my Dad and I time to work on a wood working project together.

I had found the plans for a porch swing a long time ago that I thought would look lovely on our front porch.  The only issue was that we really didn’t have a convenient place to put it.  The only real beam on the whole porch is in an odd position that with a swing hanging from it would block off the terrace section of the porch.  The most logical spot (at the end of the porch) has no roof over it – as it’s designed as a terrace.

With this in mind, we set out to make the swing and tweak it to convert it to a glider.  Our first step was to go to Foster’s Lumber Yard and select the wood.   I knew I wanted it to be made of clear heart redwood, and Foster’s has a great selection of old wood.  It is pricey, but it’s a good selection.  So after $400 and some time in the store, we came away with some great lumber for our project.  I chose each board based on the variations in the grain.  Looking at the finished product it is very pleasing.

My father was able to show me how to use my tools in a better way.  My grandfather was a finish carpenter, and my dad is no slouch either.  We really bonded over the swing.

Here’s a few pictures from the project.