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Theft of solar lights

Stolen LantersIn the famous words of Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave, “I Don’t Believe It!”

So this morning has been going along ok nothing too bad – then, as I come out to the front porch to blog about something NICE – I notice that our two solar lanters from the top of the steps are missing!  Stolen! Taken!

I hate this – dirty rat …..  #$&*@!

 What use would they be to someone?  They took the lanterns but left the hooks / stakes that they hang from.  These have been here since last year when we moved in. 

To the left is a picture of what they looked like. 

 This is the type of thing that drives my blood pressure up.

 Chris now wants to get security cameras for the front, back and sides of the house.  I’m on board with that!

Update to the Garden Log

We’re getting lots of stuff from our garden.  I’ve posted a couple of updates to the 2008 Garden Log.

 Hope everyone else is had a glorious Labor Day weekend.

Happenings and lots of tomatoes

This post is coming a little late – but here it is. 

Jack and Elaine RichterOn Thursday of week before last I got a surprise call from Jack Richter, a previous owner, asking if he and his wife could stop by on Saturday.  They were going to be in the area (American Canyon) and wanted to see the house again. 

It was great to have a chance to talk about the house and get to know more about how they found things.  They were really miffed that the rought iron gate that they had put in front of the house was missing.  This is something that had been stolen after the bank took possession.

They also brought some pictures they had of the place (gate and all) from when they owned it.  The best picture showed the Japanese Magnolia in full bloom.  Chris was really wowed by that. 

Here’s a couple scans of the pictures they had.

Front of house with the Richters  Japanese Magnolia Bloom - 1
Japanese Magnolia Bloom - 3  Japanese Magnolia Bloom - 2

Tomatoes and the WedgewoodThat Saturday I had also scheduled a consultation with Mandy, our newly hired color consultant for the outside of the house.  She’s got some great ideas.  As soon as we have some designs from here we’ll be moving ahead with the painting.  

To   finish out the weekend, on Sunday I picked some tomaotes – actually a LOT of tomatoes.  Of course I had to take somes photos of the pretties…

A Tisket - A Tasket - A Big ‘Ol Basket of Tomatoes!  Big Heirloom Tomato

Tomato - Tomatoh…

Slice of Fig TartWe’re also getting lots of figs.   And they are really big!  I made a fresh fig tart with them on Sunday and we had Michelle over for a taste.  This is a recipe I made last year and we loved it.  Here’s a few pics.  I’ll be posting the recipe for it later.

Fig Tart  Fig Tart #2