Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Choosing the right color to paint the house

I’m so confused about trying to choose the right paint colors for the outside of the house.

We want to go with colors that are right for the house and right for us.  Can’t be anything too garish as that’s not us (with the exception of my outfit from time-to-time) and it needs to be something that fits the style of the house.

 I’ve been reading all sorts of stuff online, and in books I have.  Still nothing much in the way of inspiration, except for keeping the body of the house much the same color.  Can’t DO IT!  Can we?

The big problem is that our neighbors pretty much have all their homes nicely painted.  It’s great for the neighborhood, but NOW what do we have left to choose from?  We can’t duplicate the color pallet they have used.  Sigh.

Ideas we want to incorporate:

  • Body needs to be from a nuetral / natural color pallet.
  • Gables and window trim should go well with body color
  • Corbels / rafter braces should be highlighted to display them properly.
  • Windows should match the Corbels.

Bad Color!!!Last weekend (8/10/08) we went to the annual SF Arts & Crafts event and took a workshop on Color in the Arts & Crafts style.  We hoped that would hlep with choosing something that’s pleasing to us, the house and the neighbors.  Unfortunately the colors we got from the workshop just don’t work.   To the right is a sample of what they look like on the house – I painted an area with color pallet.  This was supposed to be something with a light grey for the body, a deep charcoal color for the window trim, and a rust red for the windows.  The Korbels would be the same color of the windows.

Here’s some photos of the house with potential colors applied using the CBN Selector program that was chosen without the help of a designer.

Color Scheme 1 – Body – burnt almond; Gable and Window trim – Craftsman Cream; Corbels – Craftsman Brown; Windows – Cinnamon Cherry

Front Elevation - Color Scheme 1      Patio Side with Color Scheme #1

CS #2 – too close to # 1.

Color Scheme #3:  Body – Burnt Almond; Gable & window trim – Craftsman Cream; Corbels and Windows – Rookwood Red

Front with CS - #2     CS - #2

Anyone with any ideas please post a comment.  Sigh.

Contact from Previous Owner!

At the beginning of August I sent a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Richter, one of the former owners of house.  In the letter I asked about info regarding the design and construction of the house. 

Well yesterday, after we got back from the Fairfield Tomato Festival, there was a response from Mr. Richter waiting for us in the mailbox.  In his response letter he explains about the original layout of the kitchen, and a few other odd things we discovered. 

He’s said to feel free to contact him with any additional questions, I plan on doing so.  What fun social archaeology is.

Tomatoes! Eggplant, and Pears – summer fun

So we’re finally getting some interesting stuff from the garden.  YEAH!

First Harvest — ?On Sunday Salli and I picked some tomatoes and a few other veggies.  We’re still getting lots of squash, cucumbers and some good peppers.  After our hard work in the garden, we had to have a cocktail to revive ourselves on the front porch.  Neighbor Jean came over and enjoyed some with us.  We fixed a Hard Lemonade, and Margaritas (per Chris’ request).

Tomato - TomahtoThis week I picked four ripe tomatoes!!  I know that doesn’t sound like something great, but after weeks, no MONTHS of looking at green tomatoes I’m ready for a nice tomato sammich!  We’ve been getting the small tomatoes for a while, but sadly those usually don’t make it into the house.  YUM.

Seckel PearsI have to say I’m most proude of the pears we’re getting.  They are small things, but OH OH so lovely.  Seckel Pears were also known as “sugar pears” because they are so darn sweet.  To me they represent the absolutely perfect fruit package.  Beautiful to look at, lovely to smell, and above all, wonderfully exhilarating to eat and enjoy.  It’s a shame this site can’t offer scratch and sniff – these smell wonderful.  The only sad part about it all is the color of them embody the Autumnal splendor.

Guess we’re getting close, seems only yesterday that Salli and I were roto-tilling the garden.