Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Sustainable Gardening

So in researching some of the methods of sustainable gardening, I ran across a really great site – Path to Freedom.   These folks are doing what I’d love to do.  Living off their land and having plenty left over to sell. 

 They have some good information on their site as well.  I’ll be adding their blog to the blog roll here on the CDK Blog.  Be sure to check it out.

Vegetable Garden

This year, as in years past, Chris and I decided (ok more a me thing) to put in a vegetable garden.  In years past at the house on Amador we’ve had a big garden (for a city, not for a country house).   That was always fun. 

Salli and I tilling the gardenThis year, after talking to our lovely neighbor Salli, we decided to go in together for the garden.  She didn’t have space in her bungalow garden for a new tomato & pepper patch.  Her previous spots had played out.  So we set out planning what we would do.

After looking at the way the Sun hit the backyard, we decided to put the Garden on the east side of the back garden.   This gives it full sun (‘cept for Salli Gives Upvery late evening)and was in an area basically unused.  So, the weekend after the party, we decided to rent a rototiller from a local rental shop and bust up some earth. 

Funny thing was, that both Salli and I weren’t men enough for the thing at first.  At one point I almost went through the fence on the Monterey street side of the property.  That would not have been funny.

Just after barely missing the fenceAfter completing the tilling of the earth, we planted veggies.  I had bought some, and started some from seed.  Salli had gotten her favorite as well.  All told, we put down

  • 30 tomatoes
  • a 12 ft row of basil
  • 4 hills of early crookneck squash
  • 6 Eggplants (5 florida hibrid and 1 Ichiban)
  • 6 Okra plants (hey – I’m southern)
  • 12 Bell Pepper (mostly green, but some red and yellow too)
  • 15 other pepper plants (mix of hot and sweet)
  • 4 Cucumber vines
  • 1 Cantalope
  • 3 pumpkins
  • 4.5 rows of corn (Oaxcan Green, Old Hickory Hominy, Strawberry, Indian, and sweet hybrid)

So we planted it the second weekend of May, and I spent the next two weekends hooking it all up to drip irrigation.  I’m not a fan of broadcast watering – all you do is water weeds and plants.  

Summer Sunshine in a GlassAlso, I’m introducing a new continuing feature, the Casa de Kitty 2008 Garden Log.  This will be a place where I’ll document what Chris and I are doing in the gardens around the house.  Also this will have lots of pictures and related information about our garden.

So after it all – Salli and I enjoyed a nice glass of lemonade made from Casa de Kitty lemon tree.

New neighbors and community involvement

So Chris and I are so excited about some changes in our neighborhood.  A few months back I began getting comments on this blog from a lovely young lady here in the Vallejo (Kate)!  How nice her comments were and that she was local!

 Well in talking to her we found out she and her husband Nathan were looking for a place in our area.  Now they’ve closed on a house three doors down!  WooHOO – some young blood and some MORE cool neighbors. 

 Welcome –  Welcome –  Welcome –  Welcome – Katie and Nathan!

 In other news – I was recently appointed to the City of Vallejo’s Beautification Advisory Commission.  I’m a commissioner!  Chris has jokingly called me the “Commish”; but I don’t want that to stick – though I think Michael Chiklis is rather hot.

At our recent commission meeting I was elected to be the chairperson of the Community Outreach committee.  This committee is the one responsible for working with and coordinating for the city on programs like anti-litter, blight, graffiti, and other programs designed to enhance the community buy-in on keeping the city beautiful.  Damn – now that I write all that I think I’ve been duped.

 Well – guess I better get my own yard mowed – it’s got high grass due to entertaining the past two weeks.  We just dropped my nieces Chelsea and Megan off at the airport.  They came and visited with us for two weeks after Chris and I spent one hot and humid week in Mississippi visiting my folks.