Monthly Archive for September, 2007

New domains for Casa De Kitty

So I’ve purchased two new domains to use to point to Casa De Kitty .com using my service provider, Blue Host, for the domain registration.  Now you can reach the Casa De Kitty blog at these domains as well:

I love working with Blue Host – they are very efficient and provide a great value for the dollar.   I use them for several sites – and have referred many people to them.

UHHG – Rain in the forecast

Looks like we have rain in the forecast for Vallejo – late Saturday night…. I hope that’s true and it holds off until the Dave the roof guy is finished!

UHHG - Rain

Roof Update!

I got a call from Dave Friday night saying he wanted to start repairing the roof (see related posts Roof Repair and Roofing Report – Material Sourcing Issues) this upcoming weekend!  Woohoo!

 Just spoke with him, he’s getting the material from the source in Colorado, and we’re splitting the difference of the cost.  So, when all is said and done, the roof repair is going to be $1300.  This will have the broken tiles repaired, and put a new roof put on the conservatory.

 $1,300 is a heck of a lot better than putting out $23K.  Since the remodel we’re planning in a couple of years will require the roof to be reconfigured to support adding a small amount of square footage, this defers that cost until then, but keeps us dry!