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Final Deck Photos

Here’s some pics of the deck all finished banister and all…

 Deck Photo 1
Final Deck Photo 1

Deck Photo 2 
Deck Photo 2

Railing Detail - 1 Deck Railing Detailing Deck Railing - #3
Deck Railing # 1     Deck Railing #2       Deck Railing – #3

Newel Post Detail  Newel Post Detail

A fencing we shall go….

So Chris and I made some significant headway on the side yard fence this weekend.  We have the free standing corner up and the main panel section.  Overall the look is good and the neighbors can’t be happier that we’re getting rid of the awful eye-sore of a fence that was there. 

Old Fence - ICK – Old Fence – ICK

So after a few fits and fights, we finally got in a groove and got it up.  The basic design is one that I came up with, and Chris then had his input into.  The result is something we’re both happy with, and can’t wait to finish. 

<Design Image Comming soon>

Since we moved in It’s seemed like the backyard was this thing that we really didn’t want to go into.   On one hand, getting there was an extreme hassle – having to go from either the front, and around on the street to access it through the gate, or go through the front bedroom and access from the other side.

Now thanks to having a deck, and a fence, I can see we’re going to be using the backyard a lot.  It’s actually a good bit of space, even though the garage is there taking a chunk out of it. 

So what’s left to do:

  • Finish panel installation:  We have two more panels to put up – though these are customized panels to fit into the small area by the gate, and at the end of the one long run.
  • Acquire material for side-gate archway and gate:  The plan is to have a custom gate and 8 ft high arch that reflects the same style of the house.   My design for the arch calls for cladding the 4×6 posts on each side in a redwood 2×8 on the face and back, with redwood 2x4s making up the interior space.  This will dress up the face of each post, and make it look like a massive redwood post holding up a true 6 x 8 redwood beam.  I know it’s going to be costly for the beam, but I want to make a statement with it.  Also, there will be a corbel treatment on each side of the arch to mimic the corbels on the house.
  • Clad Fence Posts:  Besides the arch, each of the pressure treated posts will also be clad with a redwood venieer.  These will be 2×6 redwood planks except for each corner, where we’ll one 2×8 on the monterey side, and a 2×6 on the side-yard facing side.
  • Put on a pretty face:  We both really like the look of the redwood, and want to keep it lookin like natural.  The plan is to have both the deck and the fence in natural colors.  Contractor extrodinairre, Jeff has said that we should use a product called Pro-Deck.  This will give us the protection and no stain will be required.  I need to find out if we can use any kind of varnish on the fence to make cleaning grafitti off easier and less damaging.  I know a brand new fence will be too much of temptation for taggers.

Here’s some pics from this weekend’s activities…..  (Most Photos Taken by Helen Randles)
Fence Weekend Pic - 1 – Fence Weekend Pic – 1

Fence Weekdn Pic - 2  – Fence Weekend Pic – 2

Fence Weekend Pic - 3 – Fence Weekend Pic – 3

Fence Weekend Pic - 4 – Fence Weekend Pic – 4

Fence Weekend Pic - 5 – Fence Weekend Pic – 5

I’ve got a few more pics I’ll upload to this post of the overall fence.  These were taken yesterday in the cold gray light of morning.

 Here’s some more pictures of the fence.

View of Fence - 1  — View of Fence – 1

View of Fence - 2 – View of Fence – 2

Fireplace update — Firelogs a go-go

So after talking it over with Chris and good friend Al, we’ve decided to continue with the plan of installing the  and gassing up the fireplaces.

 Now the big decision is to find a style for both that we like.  Luckily we don’t need this right now, but as we get to our rainy season we’ll want to get something done. 

 I’ve found some good resources and retailers of stuff we’ll need –

  • Gas Log inserts 
  • Top-mounted Damper (only on two)
  • Chimney Caps (on all three)
  • Seal Chimneys

Phil the Plumber 
Phil the Plumber

Yesterday, Plumber Extraordinaire – Phil came and ran the lines, but couldn’t finish up due to some issue.  He’ll be back.