Monthly Archive for July, 2007

Home stretch – beginning the move

It’s been a couple of fast and furious weeks – we still have a lot to do – but the stuff that makes the house habitable is pretty much done.   WHEW

Casa De Kitty’s electrical system has been totally replaced and ugraded to current codes, and we’ve added more capcity for lighting and electrics.  We’ve added lighting to areas that didn’t have any before. 

Example – the library had no light fixtures at all – now there’s have a single fixture in the middle, and have added the capacity to add recessed lighting in the future in the attic.

Also, in the kitchen, we replaced a bank of four ugly flourescent fixtures, and with a single larger flourescent fixutre, and added two track light areas for mood and such.  Plus added a stove hood vent fan that wasn’t there before.  So we’re doing some stuff like that to make the home more modern.  That said, in the kitchen, I’ve chosen fixtures that will be unobtrusive once the cieling is painted (all white) and should basically / hopefully dissappear.

Ceiling Fan ChoiceI’ve chosen ceiling fans for the bedrooms, and offices that have a very vintage feel.  They cost a little more, but in the long run they are going to be so worth it to help keep the house cool, without having to add air conditioning.

I still have quite a few light fixtures left to hang.  That was part of the deal to contain cost, but get lots for the money.  The electricians are doing the rough in for all the electrics, and finish for only the outlets. 

This whole project (of which I have a detailed project plan) is schedule to be completed in 2.5 years.  I’ve devided it into 3 phases – Rehab, Settle In, and Renovate.  The Rehab is just about done – only a two more key milestones to complete – and we’re alredy in the Settle In phase which includes moving in, repairing those issues not impacting habitability (roof patch, new fence, painting, floors, cosmetic stuff).  The Renovation phase is where we’re going to do some changes to the house adding about 100 sqr ft – and creating a master bedroom suite by combining a hall, a odd dressing room, and other non-essential closet / storage areas in the back of the house.  This is also when the roof will be totally replaced.

Cleaning for the move

With the move into the new place imminent, we’ve begun cleaning the place up and trans forming it from a construction / rehab site into a home to live in.

DAMN a house gets dirty from electrical projects.   The house already needed a good cleaning, and with all the electrical stuff going on it REALLY needed a cleaning.  Plaster dust, old blown-in insulation, bits of wood, etc…. it’s everywhere.  Not to mention the dust form sanding the wood floors.   Chris’ sister and ‘Mum’ are visiting us for this glorious occasion.  Aren’t they lucky!

Actually Jennifer (the sis) has been most helpful with things.  She’s helped us start packing all the little things around the house, and pulling out everything from the living room, dining and breakfast nook.  Lord we have too much shit.

She’s also been doing a lot of cleaning and stuff at the new place.  Who knew someone so genteel and elegant looking would get into that muck…. Thank god for her.

Speaking of which The floors still aren’t done, but that will come.  sigh

Contractor Humor

So I get to the Casa this morning, loaded with stuff from the other house only to see bits of conduit on the side walk! An uneasy feeling washes over me as I think about the fact that the house had been a scene of a copper theft prior to purchase.

I walk in, and there’s Jeff on a ladder in the dining room working on getting the switch cable down the wall. I ask if there’s any issue, and he says not that he knows of.

I explain that there’s bits of conduit on the side walk, saying that’s the source of my worry.

He says he doesn’t know of anything. I convey that the basement door is also open to which he says, “I haven’t been in the basement!”

I drop everything I have and take off running in a panic only to here him cackle out to say, “Wait – My girls are down there.”

I spin around with a concerned and questioning look on my face.

He finally conveys that all is well, and that he just had his two kids (both girls) at the house doing some clean up.

I breath a huge sigh of relief.