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UHHG – Rain in the forecast

Looks like we have rain in the forecast for Vallejo – late Saturday night…. I hope that’s true and it holds off until the Dave the roof guy is finished!

UHHG - Rain

Roof Update!

I got a call from Dave Friday night saying he wanted to start repairing the roof (see related posts Roof Repair and Roofing Report – Material Sourcing Issues) this upcoming weekend!  Woohoo!

 Just spoke with him, he’s getting the material from the source in Colorado, and we’re splitting the difference of the cost.  So, when all is said and done, the roof repair is going to be $1300.  This will have the broken tiles repaired, and put a new roof put on the conservatory.

 $1,300 is a heck of a lot better than putting out $23K.  Since the remodel we’re planning in a couple of years will require the roof to be reconfigured to support adding a small amount of square footage, this defers that cost until then, but keeps us dry!

Roofing Report – Material Sourcing Issues

So I talked with Dave with Ryder roofing last night, and he said he was having some issues finding the same cement-asbestos tile that we have on the Casa at what he calls the “right” price. 

He says he found one source in Colorado that has the same tile, but he wants too much for them at $150 for the lot (about 20 tiles).  Personally I don’t think that’s too out of line, considering:

  • They don’t make this crap anymore.
  • It’s a hazard
  • We really need it.

Casa De Kitty Roof Review 
He wants to take to the end of the week to try and source some from another place before he gives in.   I respect his opinion.  However, I told him I’d rather just get it and be done with it, as we’re getting close to the time when rain will start.  Especially seeing how it’s rather cloudy this afternoon – and muggy – I feel rain in my bones.

I found him to be quite knowledgeable about the type of roof we have – he’s the only roofer that I’ve had out to look at the roof the used ladders that didn’t put weight directly onto the tiles — something I’ve learned is important – they are a lot like slate.  I guess I can just be glad that all the others were scrawny (guess that’s a key trait in roofers) and they didn’t put a lot of weight on the roof.

Here’s NOT hoping for rain.