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New neighbors and community involvement

So Chris and I are so excited about some changes in our neighborhood.  A few months back I began getting comments on this blog from a lovely young lady here in the Vallejo (Kate)!  How nice her comments were and that she was local!

 Well in talking to her we found out she and her husband Nathan were looking for a place in our area.  Now they’ve closed on a house three doors down!  WooHOO – some young blood and some MORE cool neighbors. 

 Welcome –  Welcome –  Welcome –  Welcome – Katie and Nathan!

 In other news – I was recently appointed to the City of Vallejo’s Beautification Advisory Commission.  I’m a commissioner!  Chris has jokingly called me the “Commish”; but I don’t want that to stick – though I think Michael Chiklis is rather hot.

At our recent commission meeting I was elected to be the chairperson of the Community Outreach committee.  This committee is the one responsible for working with and coordinating for the city on programs like anti-litter, blight, graffiti, and other programs designed to enhance the community buy-in on keeping the city beautiful.  Damn – now that I write all that I think I’ve been duped.

 Well – guess I better get my own yard mowed – it’s got high grass due to entertaining the past two weeks.  We just dropped my nieces Chelsea and Megan off at the airport.  They came and visited with us for two weeks after Chris and I spent one hot and humid week in Mississippi visiting my folks.

Bungalow Garden Walk?

I just got finished reading a great article (SFGate: Garden walks a world apart: Buffalo, N.Y.)  in the San Francisco Chronicle about Garden Walks in other parts of the country.  These are different from Garden Tours – in that there’s no elitest aspect to the whole thing.   Basically, if you like to garden, and you’re on the route, you’re on the walk.  What drives “membership” is location, and desire to participate. 

This got me to thinking, so many community / home events in Vallejo has been touted in the “Heritage” or “Vista” districts.  What about a particular style of home, no matter the location?  I wonder if Vallejo Bungalow dwellers (owners and renters) that have a green thumb, and live in a small group could pull together to organize something like this?

Currently Casa De Kitty is in no shape to be on any kind of tour other than the biggest eye-sore on the block.   Chris and I are both hoping that come next year we’ll have the garden under control.  It’s currently looking 100% better than when we moved in – but coming from 0% to something isn’t saying much.

Looking for others

Just had a thought – wonder if other home bloggers are united together anywhere?

 Will have to google that.