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2009 Vegetable Garden – planted and growing

So Salli, Chris and I pulled it together and planted the vege garden.  Earlier this spring we had planted some root veges in a new plot we created.

On top of creating a larger main vege patch, Chris removed the old raised bed box (termites had taken their toll) and we redistributed the dirt to the main patch.  This gave us a blank spot of earth.

List of what’s in the garden:

Root Patch (next to the garage in the back corner) – planted back in March.

  • Potatoes – red, white and russet
  • Onions – walla-walla sweets – two rows planted a different times to give maximum onion deliveries
  • Beets – standard red variety started from seed.
  • Pumpkins – Late planting of a row of three pumpkin varieties by seed – where the carrots should have been – thank you snails!

Pepper / Sunflower Patch (where the raised bed used to be) – starting from the front –

  • Peppers – 4 varieties over 9 plants.  Anahiem Chilli, Ancho, Jalepeno, and Cayenne.
  • Sunflowers: three short rows
    • Short – teddy bear (fave), and Autumn Glory
    • Tall – Kentucky Sunflowers
    • Giant – American Giant Sunflowers that grow up to 16 feet tall!
  • Pumpkin – 2 plants – planted these at the back to let the vines grow out.

Main Vegetable Patch – in order of planting row

  • Basil – 1 row (about 15 plants) did so well last year – let’s hope so this year.
  • Bell Peppers – 18 plants – green, red and yellow varieties in two rows
  • Egg Plants – 7 Japanese long, and three Italian
  • Okra – 6 plants –  hey I’m Southern – it’s not a garden without it and I need to make some more pickled okra – yum!
  • Squash patch – 3 yellow crookneck, 3 zuchini, 1 white zuchini, 1 butternut, 1 delicatese  To keep the squash contained, we’ve put up a fence of sorts between them and the tomatoes.  The okra will serve as a barrier on the other side.
  • Tomato Patch – 27 plants (plus 1 volunteer near the fence) over three duplex rows.  This year we’re doing something different with the tomatoes.  Instead of putting individual cages around each – was a mess last year) we’re putting in a fence for each duplex row.  We’ve got nine plants that are planted in a staggard fashion and the fence goes between them.  We’re going to train the plants up onto the fence.  This will give us a larger space to walk between the rows, and keep the plants on a sturdy support system. 
  • Green Beans –  2 duplex rows – For one row, I’m reusing the trellis I made last year for the cucumbers.  I’ll be making another for the other row.

On top of all this I have a couple of containers with stuff in it.  Some short Sun Flowers, and other herbs.

I’ll be posting some photos and a drawing of the plan in a bit.

Update to the Garden Log

We’re getting lots of stuff from our garden.  I’ve posted a couple of updates to the 2008 Garden Log.

 Hope everyone else is had a glorious Labor Day weekend.

Happenings and lots of tomatoes

This post is coming a little late – but here it is. 

Jack and Elaine RichterOn Thursday of week before last I got a surprise call from Jack Richter, a previous owner, asking if he and his wife could stop by on Saturday.  They were going to be in the area (American Canyon) and wanted to see the house again. 

It was great to have a chance to talk about the house and get to know more about how they found things.  They were really miffed that the rought iron gate that they had put in front of the house was missing.  This is something that had been stolen after the bank took possession.

They also brought some pictures they had of the place (gate and all) from when they owned it.  The best picture showed the Japanese Magnolia in full bloom.  Chris was really wowed by that. 

Here’s a couple scans of the pictures they had.

Front of house with the Richters  Japanese Magnolia Bloom - 1
Japanese Magnolia Bloom - 3  Japanese Magnolia Bloom - 2

Tomatoes and the WedgewoodThat Saturday I had also scheduled a consultation with Mandy, our newly hired color consultant for the outside of the house.  She’s got some great ideas.  As soon as we have some designs from here we’ll be moving ahead with the painting.  

To   finish out the weekend, on Sunday I picked some tomaotes – actually a LOT of tomatoes.  Of course I had to take somes photos of the pretties…

A Tisket - A Tasket - A Big ‘Ol Basket of Tomatoes!  Big Heirloom Tomato

Tomato - Tomatoh…

Slice of Fig TartWe’re also getting lots of figs.   And they are really big!  I made a fresh fig tart with them on Sunday and we had Michelle over for a taste.  This is a recipe I made last year and we loved it.  Here’s a few pics.  I’ll be posting the recipe for it later.

Fig Tart  Fig Tart #2