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Move in complete

So after a hectic 5 days that included moving everything we own, the move is finally over.

 The garden has been moved over (all 30+ tomatoes, many herbs, a few sqaush, and tons of flowering plants).  All in pots or grow bags (tomatoes).   Right now they are just dumped in the back yard, but we’ll be situating them over the next few days and planting some of them in the ground — our ground.

 This weekend we start to work on the fence for the Monterey Street side of the house. 

Cleaning for the move

With the move into the new place imminent, we’ve begun cleaning the place up and trans forming it from a construction / rehab site into a home to live in.

DAMN a house gets dirty from electrical projects.   The house already needed a good cleaning, and with all the electrical stuff going on it REALLY needed a cleaning.  Plaster dust, old blown-in insulation, bits of wood, etc…. it’s everywhere.  Not to mention the dust form sanding the wood floors.   Chris’ sister and ‘Mum’ are visiting us for this glorious occasion.  Aren’t they lucky!

Actually Jennifer (the sis) has been most helpful with things.  She’s helped us start packing all the little things around the house, and pulling out everything from the living room, dining and breakfast nook.  Lord we have too much shit.

She’s also been doing a lot of cleaning and stuff at the new place.  Who knew someone so genteel and elegant looking would get into that muck…. Thank god for her.

Speaking of which The floors still aren’t done, but that will come.  sigh