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New Family Member at Casa de Kitty

So after long consideration, and such, we’ve finally decided to accept the chocolate siamese cat that came with the house as our own.  We’d been feeding it for since we moved in, and had finally gotten it tamed.

Now, after applying the appropriate flea treatment, and such, we’ve brought the cat inside.  I named him Toddley after a Siamese cat that my family used to have when I was a boy.  He looks so much like him.

Ms. Kitty is actually taking it quite well.  She still hisses at him at times, but I think that’s all a front.  I’ve caught them sitting next to each other in the living room and in the library.  Prior to bringing him in, we had seen them sitting next to each other on the porches. 

Here’s the first pic of him, with many more to follow.

Mr. Toddley Kitty

The new casa de kitty blog and house

Ms. Patsy KittyThis blog is to document the journey we’re on in refurbishing, and renovating a 1915 Craftsman home in Vallejo California.  After searching extensively, we finally found a home suitable for Ms. Patsy Kitty to live.

More to come soon.

 About the house –