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Theft of solar lights

Stolen LantersIn the famous words of Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave, “I Don’t Believe It!”

So this morning has been going along ok nothing too bad – then, as I come out to the front porch to blog about something NICE – I notice that our two solar lanters from the top of the steps are missing!  Stolen! Taken!

I hate this – dirty rat …..  #$&*@!

 What use would they be to someone?  They took the lanterns but left the hooks / stakes that they hang from.  These have been here since last year when we moved in. 

To the left is a picture of what they looked like. 

 This is the type of thing that drives my blood pressure up.

 Chris now wants to get security cameras for the front, back and sides of the house.  I’m on board with that!

Things that go bump in the night and Alarm Systems

So early this morning we had an odd thing happen.  At about 3:40 a.m. (YES! Freak’n A.M.)  the doorbell went rang!

It took a minute for me to get up and out of bed, throw my robe on.  Instead of rushing right to the door and opening it, I went cautiously, to see if I could see anyone out there through the living room porch windows.   As I crept to the front of the house, I kept to the far side of the dining room so as to not throw a shadow from the night light in the kitchen.  Well I got up to the door, opened the little door that serves as our peep hole, and called out, but no one was there.  I went to the porch windows to see if any one was lurking on the porch – not a soul in sight.  

It was about this time that Chris got up and asked what was going on and who was there.   I told him no one.   We figured that somehow the wireless door bell got a signal crossed.   Meantime I went to the library to look out the window, and then saw someone walking back up to the front of the house!

 The door bell rang again, this time I was directly behind the front door and asked in my most gruf voice who it was.  Instead of answering me, he man asked for “Sondra” – I simply, said “Sorry, no Sondra here”.  At this point he swore and asked where she was.  I clarified, that “Sondra doesn’t live here at all — you’ve got the wrong house.”

One thing this has shown us is that we need to get the house alarm system back online for peace of mind.  Now to find one before we leave for the Craftsman Weekend in Pasadena.