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Roof update – whew

Dave the roofer guySo things didn’t go as planned, but they also didn’t go as bad as they possibly could.  We were lucky that any heavy rain held off weekend before last, though the plants probably disagree.

Dave came over early on Saturday to get started.  He hadn’t gotten the materials from Colorado, but luckily we had enough to allow him to do what was really required before any significant rain set in (which it never did).  

The main areas of concern were/are:

  1. a leak area above the living room that corresponds to a valley where the living room gable meets the main portion of the roof.

  2. another leak area above the library in yet another gable valley. 
  3. broken tile on the gable over the front porch
  4. leak areas on the conservatory wall next to the dining room – this used to be an outside wall – and the conservatory used to be a balcony.

Dave fixed the number 1 completely which also helped to mitigate number 4.  For number two, he put a patch in place, and will address it again when he comes back for the wrap up.  Since we’re still waiting on the tile from colorado, he couldn’t do the full fix.

As of Friday (9/28/2007) he hadn’t gotten the materials, but said that as soon as he did he would be back to do the install.  This will get us all the broken tile replaced, and the conservatory roof replaced.  We’re also going to take this time to install two skylights in the conservatory to allow us to get more light in the area during summer (the large Japanese Magnolia shades the windows quite a bit).

While Dave was here I took the opportunity to take some pics of some of the roof using his ladder to get up to that hieght.

Valley View  Living Room Gable and Valley View

Roof in need of repair.   Opposite side of conservatory roof – gable above the kitchen

An Autumn Adventure

5_pumpkins_crw_1615.jpg  This past Sunday my good friend Ann and I took a trip over to Green Valley to get some pumpkins for Autumn decorating fun.  She, like me loves Autumn and loves to decorate for it.

I think I need to get more pumpkins – the front porch at the Casa is a good bit bigger than our former house.  As such, the five I bought seem to get lost.  I’ll try to get a picture of Ann’s place and update this post with them.  Knowing her, she’s got her porch looking fabulous from the start. Love her style.

Here’s some pictures from our adventure and some of the resulting images from the Casa. 

Ann Chooses PearsAnn Chooses Pears

Ann Loves Bananas! Ann Loves Bananas!

Ann picks a big one! Ann picks a big one! (She cried)

4_annwithpumpkin_1_crw_1617.jpg Ann looks at the purty pale pumpkins

6_cdkdressedupforfall_crw_1632.jpg  The casa dressed up!  
7_autumndecofront_crw_1621.jpg  The casa dressed up – 2
8_cdk_detail_crw_1640.jpg  Porch Autumn Display – 1

UHHG – Rain in the forecast

Looks like we have rain in the forecast for Vallejo – late Saturday night…. I hope that’s true and it holds off until the Dave the roof guy is finished!

UHHG - Rain